About Destiny Archaeology Consulting

Destiny Archaeology Consulting is a small, indigenous woman-owned archaeology consulting firm located in Corona, California. Our company provides quality professional archaeological and cultural resource services to private and public sectors throughout Southern California, Alaska, Central America, and beyond.

Destiny Archaeology Consulting is owned and managed by Destiny Colocho, a MA graduate of Arizona State University and Registered Professional Archaeologist. From her roots in the study of archaeology and cultural resource management, she appreciates the value of archaeological and cultural resources not only for understanding the past, but for the continuance of traditional cultural practices into the future. Furthermore, she understands that the significance of archaeological and cultural resources is best assessed by combining archaeological investigations and analysis conducted by experienced archaeologists and the cultural knowledge of the Indigenous people. It is with this in mind that Destiny Archaeology Consulting operates.

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At Destiny Archaeology Consulting we believe that preservation and development efforts can be balanced. By combining our experience, ingenuity, positive relationships, and meaningful consultations, we provide practical solutions that work for everyone.

Furthermore, Destiny Archaeology Consulting is committed to public education and dissemination of knowledge pertaining to archaeology and cultural resource management techniques and methods. We provide an array of outreach archeological programs for the community, courses on archaeological field methods through universities, cultural monitoring training to tribal communities, and much more.

Connie “Destiny” Colocho, M.A., RPA

Owner and Principal Investigator

Connie “Destiny” Colocho has an M.A. from Arizona State University with a focus on Indigenous Archaeology, and a B.S. in Anthropology from the University of California, Riverside. Throughout her education and technical training, she acquired the valuable skills necessary to effectively manage an archaeological team and become a lithic specialist and educator of Indigenous archeology. With over 15 years of experience in archaeology and cultural resource management, Destiny has directed and conducted all phases of archeological projects such as project research, field work, laboratory analysis and report preparation. In addition, Destiny has conducted several archaeological field courses and tribal monitoring trainings in California and Alaska, and ethnographic interviews in Central America.  For several years, she served as the Tribal Historic Preservation Officer for a sovereign tribal government in Southern California. Her diverse range of experience makes her a valuable archaeologist where both prehistoric and historic resources are concerned. She has experience in the guidelines and implications of The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), and Section 106 of The National Register of Historic Places (NRHP). She is ideal for archaeological studies in Southern California, as she also is a co­author to The Technological Study of the Bolsa Chica Lithic Assemblage and has presented findings at the Society for California Archaeology and the Pacific Coast Archaeological Society.